Traditional Chinese Medicine Theories

Qi Energy

Qi, its meaning is too broad, from the ancient philosophical doctrine of Qi is now usually referred to the air, angry, and fatigue, and can be described as ubiquitous in Chinese word. Here I would like to discuss is bio-Qi energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as source of the life, Qigong and martial arts focus on raising Qi energy, and, as I understand the concept of Qi energy between the two should be the same or basically the same.

In order to avoid the meaning of confused with other Qi concept, temporarily referred to as "Qi energy", is the driving force behind the creation of life is to maintain the most basic element of biological phenomena. Is different from the electric, magnetic, infrared, and radiation instruments can be used as a human have not yet detected bio-energy, the situation is similar to the hundred years ago, the radioactivity of human cognition. Qi energy can only exist in vivo (perhaps also present in the atmosphere of plants in nature, so for many Chinese traditional health practice that under old trees have a stronger sense of practicing qigong), with the disappearance of life forms Qi energy can also disappear, such as trauma and accidents, or with the exhaust Qi energy of life also will be suspended, like the end of the disease and die of just old age.

Qi energy flows in the meridians (or body channels), to reach and supply of energy in the limbs, internal organs, so as to maintain the normal function of organs and systems, such as from the digestion, metabolism, exercise, from reproduction to the nerves, the immune system, have to rely on in the supply of Qi energy and thus be able to play the normal function of various systems.

Meridian is now known to be different from the nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels than the other exists only in the living body, the connection of organs, limbs, blood vessels and neural network systems among the various systems. Nerve signals as nerve conduction and vascular circulation for blood cells, body fluids, and a variety of proteins, meridians as the carrier of Qi energy can be conducted for the exclusive. Meridian, situation may like looking for the understanding of radio waves cannot be in the railway and highway to look through. In the context of skin, muscle, veins and nerve between the carrier and its own path, just the naked eye does not see.

Qi energy and the meridian of the results show depends on a future cooperation zones in chemistry and physics to inventions, the need for new ways of thinking and experimental methods, because it is the living body, have so far different from the existing body specimens in vitro and in experimental methods. If it comes to Qi energy that can be of human cognition, and is able to operate the day, and now those who hope in the future be able to revive the frozen people body, but added that may be revived. Because they theoretically should be the body and cells are not damaged, and only because of the lack of a source of life - Qi energy, as long as they find appropriate ways to enter the Qi energy can on the list. (I wonder if that day is a blessing or a curse, if the world is full of immortality of the body, may leave more space for future generations). That day, nor be divided into Western and Eastern Traditional medicine, only the medical term, because the target is consistent: the treatment regimen (people see a doctor not only for the purpose of medical treatment, many in order to better health). Doctors will use new device to transfer Qi energy, and governance Qi energy, may have to use traditional methods such as acupuncture, qigong and herbal medicine, because this artificial synthetic Qi energy not as good as their original.

What Cause Illnesses

Many medical books addressed the question “what caused the illnesses?” This question has been asked throughout the human history. The aging/lifestyle related health problems are different with infection and epidemic diseases that occurred in the past.

General speaking , the diseases can be divided into three categories. The first factor is the external threats (bacteria, virus and other external pathogen). The second factor is the internal wound caused by the life style and aging related factors. The last factor is related to the traumatic injuries and genetic mutations, etc,.

Decades ago, most diseases are caused by bacteria, viruses, epidemic diseases, and surgical injury. After the discovery of anti-bacteria medicine and the improvement of our hygiene condition, the external threats became insignificant .

Now we often hear about the disease such as cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, back pain and skeletal injuries. All of these problems are not related to external factors directly, but instead, it’s more related to our life style or aging . Smoking, drinking, over-eating, over-working, stress contribute to the problem, our life-span is more longer then before, so we have lot of new problems with the aging. Those new kind of diseases often invade elders. The chance of getting prostate cancer will more likely to occur to someone who’s 50+. All of these factors will affect the Qi energy, resulting weakening of Qi energy, which may cause mutation within our DNA. Finally, our organs, joints, bones, tissues and cells lost control and nourishment.

It is difficult to imagine that if we swallow a tablet of medicine it will cure those diseases the life style and aging related. I believe that the right way for treating those diseases is not directly to annihilate external threats or only broke some place to stop pathogenic pathway, my strategy of therapy for treating this kind of diseases is designated to improve and regulates the Qi energy by the therapy methods of acupuncture, herbal medicine or some self exercises like Qigong and suitable life style. Then get the control of body systems such as the immune, nerve, metabolize and bone-muscle systems. It will eventually restore back the normal function by improving the environment of these pathological changes of cells and genes.

Also I believe that the most effective medicine is keeping body in health condition, which means prevention is the primary concern for us. It is the best way to do some thing before we get cancer or othre illness.Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)

The Traditional Chinesel Mmedicine (TCM) has been around for more than 2000 years. It is a different medical system compare to the western medical systems. The TCM have a different history and ideology compared to the western modern medicines. For example, in the early stage of the TCM development, epidemic diseases were serious threat to human in west, while in China, the epidemic diseases are less of a treat. It might be the geographic factors that Chinese Empire was isolated from other empires. The peoples in that time are more aware in the importance of human body self.

From what I know , the TCM is a different theory that is very dissimilar from the western conventional medicine in the ways of understandings of diseases and health. The TCM’s basic treatment is to improve and regulate the Qi (pronounced chee) energy to offer better resistance against both the external and interior pathogenic factors. This will improve the body’s health condition. The therapy methods will include acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, Chinese therapy massage (Tuina), and self exercise methods like Qigong, Taiji and many more.


Acupuncture is one of the major methods for prevention and treatment of diseases in TCM. Acupuncturist inserts a needle to acupoint in the body surface, which use needling manipulation methods to induce and regulate the patient’s Qi energy.

Because of the advancement within the human technology, the acupuncture needle has changed over time. The stainless and disposable needle is common use now, and with the aid of tubes, the needle is inserted much faster than before. During the needling sensation, the patient will feel almost no pain. By the manipulation of acupuncturist, the sensation of needling will induce soreness, numbness, a distention feeling or heaviness around the point even conduct to distance . Sometimes, patient will feel coldness, warmness, itching, pain, electric-shock feeling, etc. In principle, the patient will have a feeling of comfort.

Pain is a common symptom in many illnesses and occur in every part of our body. From muscle, skeletal and neurotic system to gynecology condition, acupuncture therapy has special effectiveness against illness that involves physical pain. Also, acupuncture is effective against others symptoms like rhinitis, asthma, constipation, and sleeping problems, and etc.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

In Chinese herbal medicine, the different characters of herbal are employed to treat diseases and help the body to restore health. The species of herbal medicine is very broad, including plants, animals and mineral. Some of it is crude, while others are processed. The dosage form of herbal medicine have decoction, powder, pill, bolus, extract, ointment, plaster, medicated wine, medicated tea, distilled medicinal water, and etc. They can be taken through oral, external application, medicated diet, and etc. Recently, the concentrated granule is a new form of herbal medicine, it is easier for herbal quality control and drug administration.

The herbal medicine is very popular and commonly used for diseases treatment and prevention in TCM history and in modern China.


It is a liquid preparation, usually made by boiling drugs with water, or with a proper amount of other liquids (such as wine and vinegar) in some special cases. When preparing a decoction, drugs are put into a vessel in which the material's chemical property is comparative stable (such as earthenware, or enamel, never an iron or copper pot) and then clean water is poured in to submerge all the drugs. After the drugs are soaked for 30-60 minutes, the pot with the drugs is placed on fire, first quick-boiled, and then simmered. The drugs will be decocted for a certain period of time according to the different requirements, then the liquid decoction can be served (in some case, it need to be filtered). Mostly the decoction time is between 20 to 30 minutes, with repeats of the procedure. Usually one dose a day, taken twice in morning and evening.

Now, many peoples use the Concentrated Herbal Granule, it is soluble to hot water, is convenient to take.


Moxibustion is an external method by ignition of moxa wool in acupoint of skin for prevention and treatment. The theory is same with acupuncture. There are two types of Moxibustion: no scarring and scarring moxibustion.

Moxibustion therapy especially the scarring type have special effica cy in some chronic and stubborn diseases.

Chinese therapy massages (Tuina) and Japanese Shiatsu

The manipulation methods used in Chinese massage contains more than ten ways, including pushing, rolling, kneading, rubbing, scrubbing, grasping, pressing, tapping etc. The Japanese Shiatsu mainly use thumb pressing. The disease diagnosis and selection of the acupoint and channel are similar with the TCM theory, by massage to regulating the Qi function.

Qigong and self exercise

Qigong is an art of self-training both for the body and mind, by regulating three elements of Qi gong: the body, breathing and mind. This will cultivate and strengthen the Qi energy, to preventing and curing diseases, which will strengthen healthiness and prolonging life.

The types of Qigong have static Qigong (that like the relaxation), inner-nourishing, roborant, heavenly circuit, dynamic Qigong that is eight-section brocade (Baduanjin) and Yijinjin, etc.

Form my understanding, the new born baby is in perfect condition of Qi energy because the Qi energy circulate through the body with no any obstruct and is full of strong force. Following the growth to adult, people get ambitions , stress and ill, and the Qi energy will be weakened. The goal of Qigong is try to get back to the original condition. The Qigong training is mainly the mind training - training the brain into a deep level of quietness, stop to think anything between exercise times. Because the quietness, Qi energy or Qi stream will start to move smoothly through the whole body, and the body Qi will be cultivated and strengthen. If you feel the Qi is getting stronger and stronger, then you are triumphant. The Qi feeling and strength vary from person to person, mostly is like a stream flow through the body in channel (technical word in TCM, almost acupoint is along the channels).

Sports and self exercise

Basically, the modern sports are good for competition and performance. They are suitable for young peoples but it’s not designed for the elder people. The Chinese traditional sports are different to the modern sports, and they can be divided into two types - one is mainly used for martial arts, and another one is mainly used for health purposes.

Over the long history, Chinese created many kinds of self exercise for different age, sex, region, personal interests, and health conditions. So you can pick up one that is suitable to your body condition and to your personal interesting, since it will be easier for you to exercise anytime and anywhere. Persist exercise is very important for all kinds of health exercises.

Medicine and poison

Everyone is different. Because of the differences between people, one particular medicine may be effective for that particular person. On the other hand, it could also be poisonous to another person.

Usually we accept the concept that the same medicine can treat different patients because they have same disease during the diagnosis. It is OK for diseases caused by external factors, but it is not a right treatment for diseases caused within life style and aging. The patients are very different in their age, sex, health conditions, life styles and health history, so we have to make different plans of treatment for everyone.

Scarring moxibustion

I once read an article sketches the Ming Dynasty who have do not remember the author and title, is an outsider mentioned Moxibustion. Author himself an official in the southern parts of the day caught a big robber, often forced into houses, rape women. Officials difficult to understand how 80-year-old man can still can do like this. Then privately asked, Robber, said: "Nothing special, just every year have moxibustion treatment under the navel for decades."

On a famous acupuncture and moxibustion scientist, Mr. Tanan Cheng described the twenties of the last century, traveling Nagasaki, Japan, the culture of the region popular with moxibustion treatment. Any street or alley in the first end, there must be a moxibustion treatment rooms, physicians, and within the moxibustion technician. Moxibustion doctor do diagnosis and painting point mark, moxibustion technician burn herbal Ai (also known as moxa or Argy Wormwood Leaf) at the punctuation. At that time, moxibustion therapy is not common seen in China because Qing imperial court that unsightly. Later, I studied in Japan, also occasionally heard people talk about moxibustion treatment, saying that Kyoto is only a monk of a temple in the treatment, very effective.

Own over 40, all kinds of pain throughout the body began to appear. I do not know because the exertion injuries, or eating wrong, or other reasons, but I think it is related with the genetic constitution. Self-notebook from my father, there are a variety pain of neck, shoulder, waist, and leg constantly, but, while this year is already 85 years old, still not have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and other internal organs diseases. Probably poison did not stay within the organs are outward divergence to the limbs, joints. Also have give myself acupuncture treatment, a long time is too cumbersome, and inconvenient in winter. Search literature, Chinese ancient culture of moxibustion was very popular and always on the treatment of hundreds of Zhuang (burn a column is called a Zhuang), not only medical treatment available, even as for stronger health purposes. Great Doctor Sun Simiao have "To the health, the Zusanli Point should always moxibustion," the famous saying. It was until the Qing Dynasty, acupuncture and moxibustion treatment has become significantly reduced.

According to the traditional methods, to produce their own moxibustion sore ointment and moxibustion sore care is very troublesome thing. Moxibustion sore cream, etc. figured out the main purpose is to help moisturizing and onset of moxibustion sore, it hands out as Vaseline gauze and paper tape, so that moxibustion sore care dressing on the more convenient.

Moxa should be to preserve more than a few years old better, mellow flavor, the new moxa is spicy pungent. Fixed points later, when, as part of different, moxa cone, large or small, muscular fat may like jujube nuclear size, other parts can be the size of grain of wheat or soybeans, but also with people vary. Moxa cone from small mounting, in principle, need the entire area heat thoroughly. Or dozens or hundreds of Zhuang, most require forty to fifty minutes. The onset of Moxibustion is key point in whole process, an average of forty days or so. Occasionally the onset of moxibustion sore is not a thorough, and perhaps need to use qi energy and blood nourishing herbal medicine, or eating high-protein content of food in order to help moxibustion sore episode, can also needle acupuncture around the sores, through the lead role in qi energy in order to help induce the moxibustion sore onset. Each site should not be too much moxibustion, as many injured blood and qi energy consumption, and moxibustion sore penetrating maturation is not ideal, of course, have to justify it, and according to the strength of endowment by moxibustion were determined. If, after the color of pale scar moxibustion, which is toxic discharges have been outside, dark purple color, then maybe next year have to re-moxibustion

The pain of first few Zhuang is obvious, and then the pain reduced, and sometimes there is itching of the pleasure. This is, like acupuncture, some fear of needles as the fear of the tiger , some felt very happily, all vary.

I personally scarring moxibustion experience is that for various joint muscle pain effect of wind cold dampness good, and have a clear Warming strong role, feels even stronger than the number of American ginseng. Especially when practicing qigong, qi energy feeling more pronounced.

Scarring moxibustion Mechanism of conjecture is as follows:

  1. The nature of the Ai is warm, and themselves with the power to help Yang, which is the difference between moxibustion and electronic or cigarettes burns.
  2. The power of tonic qi of moxa fire can comparable to herbal ginseng.
  3. The burning pain produced by stimulation of its own like acupuncture, have a clear function of the meridians and flow of qi energy .
  4. Made moxibustion sore is the key to the whole process as a process of aseptic suppuration, local and in vivo with the septic poisoning caused by damp cold process directly excreted. Wind cold dampness and other toxic evil interpreted as abnormal protease expression, or abnormal or excessive. The future if given the opportunity, perhaps to be a test of whole genome and protein expression, (DNA Array, Protein Array), should not be one or two genetic changes, but rather was a regular change in communities.
  5. Made the long process of moxibustion sore, is the body's immune, neurological and other systematic and continuous stimulation to achieve the adjustment, the reconstruction of these systems function. Play a strong fitness role, especially effective in a variety of deficiency. Moxibustion Shihua-points used to spend the ancient rule tuberculosis, moxibustion Guan Yuan, Qi hai-Point Treatment of Diarrhea, impotence and other records.

In addition, because warm-acupuncture-moxibustion and indirect moxibustion lack of the moxibustion sore process, it would have some weak. The none-fire herb induced moxibustion is given to the sores scarring moxibustion and indirect moxibustion in between, there is the process of moxibustion sore, but depth in varying degrees, may be easier for the patient and his family accepted by the public.

Direct moxibustion for penetrating pus is a special usage, is now due to the popularity of antibiotics and surgery, using the opportunity will be even less.

Of course, painlessly, and beauty of the people do not fit moxibustion, palm and other parts of craniofacial inappropriate for moxibustion. A result of life-long scar, need to be used with caution, after deliberation, these are common sense, no more to say.

There is a suggestion after the subcutaneous anesthesia use direct moxibustion, and perhaps this method can be used for thermal treatment, on the pain syndrome seems to be defective, because of the pain stimulus itself have a clear function of the meridians and flow of qi energy, to achieve the pain improvement effect.

Calorie restriction and longevity mice

Life of mice in the study area, there is a very classic and well-known theory is that calorie restriction can extend life span of mice, (Caloric Restriction), namely, to reduce 1 / 3 of food, timing quantity to mice eating, will significantly improve the mice health and prolong their life. This is an indisputable fact that a large number of experiments have been proved.

Perhaps the reasons for learning Chinese Traditional Medicine origin, Food should be diet to 70% on it, is the ancient legend of the health proverbs, and the only right and proper and just. Then enter the Japanese Takeda of Kyoto University professor of aging biology labs, took over the management of SAM Mouse (Senescence Accelerated Mouse), feel hard to say that the lab mouse to eat less, is only just returning to normal food intake. Because in the laboratory cages, the mouse 24 hours is no shortage of food and water, while the nature of eating rodents, and there is grinding habits, and ultimately, too abundant. Therefore, this argument calorie restriction, and perhaps should be changed to limit overeating, and thus also to improve because of excessive eating in mice caused by short-lived phenomenon.

Introduction to Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Herb Medicine and Qigong)

Jing Luo ( Meridians and collaterals ) is all important component part in the basic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine . It has the guiding significance in various clinical branches, particularly in the clinical Zhen Jiu treatment

Jing Luo is a general term of Jingmai( Meridians ) and Luomai ( collaterals ) in the human body. The differentiation of Meridians from collaterals is that Jingmai ( Meridians ) is the main stem of the Meridians and collaterals which circulates straightly and distributes in the deeper layer as the stomach Meridian of foot Yangming connecting the superior, inferior, internal and external contrary, Luomai ( collaterals )is the branch of the Meridians which circulates traversely and obliquely in the shallow layer as the lung Meridian of hand Taiyin, thinner and smaller, and runs over the whole body in a crisscross fashion.

Jing Luo Function: Jing Luo( Meridians and collaterals ) belongs to internal organs (Zang-fu) and exteriorly to all the extremities. It functions as organic corresponding network between internal organs and body sur face . So the human body is an organic whole, jingmai ( Meridians ) and Luomai( collaterals ) serve as harmonious and well balanced condition.

Jing Luo Contents: The theory of ding Luo( Meridians and collaterals ) is rich in content: the twelve regular Jingmai( Meridians ) and the twelve subsidiary Jing types of the twelve Meridians , the twelve Jing Jin ( muscle meridian) and the Luo( collaterals ), minute collaterals superficial collaterals . This section pays special attention to the introduction of the twelve regular Meridians , and Ren and Du Meridians . Generally they are called fourteen regular Jingmai ( Meridians ).

Twelve Regular Jingmai ( Meridians ) Nomenclature: Twelve regular Jingmai- ( Meridians ) include three Yin Meridians of hand , three Yang Meridians of hand , three Yang Meridians of foot , and three Yin Meridians of foot .

Twelve regular Jingmai( Meridians ) runs in an regular manner: These Meridians have their own principle of distribution.

The three Yin Meridians of hand run from the chest to the hand . The three Yang Meridians of hand run from the hand to the head .

The three Yang Meridians of foot turn from the head to the foot . The three Yin Meridians of foot from the foot to the abdomen .

Brief History of Acupuncture

In the ancient literature since the sixth century B.C., there was the record of "treatment of disease with stone needle". The earliest needle was made of stone. In Huangdi Neijing ( Huangdi's Canon of Medicine) published over 2,000 years ago, silk medical books unearthed in the modern times and ancient Chinese classics, there was the description about how to treat disease with stone needle. In the 1960s, a stone needle was found in the ruins of now Stone Age in the north of China. With the development of metallurgy, needles were gradually made of bronze, iron, gold and silver. Huangdi Neijing ( Huangdi's Canon of Medicine) mentions "Nine Needles", the relics of which were found in archaeology. The materials used for moxibustion were various in the early practice, gradually moxa was selected as the most suitable material for performing moxibustion.

In using acupuncture and moxibustion to treat disease, people discovered some therapeutic rules. Purposeful study of these rules led 1o theoretical cognition like the conception of meridians. In the silk medical books unearthed in the tomb of West Hah Dynasty in 1970s in Mawangdui, Changsha City, Hunan Province, there are the descriptions of eleven meridians named as "Eleven meridians of foot and arm for moxibustion" and "Eleven yin and yang meridians for moxibustion".

Huangdi Neijing ( Huangdi's Canon on Medicine) compiled in the Hah Dynasty contains rich knowledge of acupuncture and moxibustion, including meridians, acupoints, needling methods, indications and cautions as well as therapeutic principles, tenets, diagnosis and syndrome differentiation. Huangdi Neijing ( Huangdi's Canon on Medicine) lays the foundation for the theory of acupuncture and moxibustion and guides the development of such a unique specialty.

Zhenjiu Jiayijing ( A-B Classics ~a Acupuncture and Moxibustion) compiled by Huangfu Mi in the Jin Dynasty is a collection of the related contents in Huangdi Neijing ( Huangdi's Canon on Medicine) and Mingtang Kongxue Zhenjiu Zhiyao and described the locations, indications and needling methods of 349 acupoints as well as specific treatments for various diseases.

Sun Simiao, a great doctor in the Tang Dynasty, described Ashi Point and moxibustion methods for healthcare in Qianjin Fang (Golden Prescriptions) with colored illustrations of meridians. This book also contains many therapeutic methods for various diseases. In the book Waitai Miyao written by Wang Tao contains rich methods for performing moxibustion, which has promoted the development of moxibustion therapy. In the Imperial Medical Bureau, acupuncture and moxibustion became an independent specialty practiced by doctors, assistants and acupuncturist who were also responsible for teaching.

In the 11th century A. D. , Wang Weiyi, an official in charge of medicine in the government in the Song nasty, rectified 354 acupoints and compiled Tongren Shuxue Zhenjiu Tujing ( Diagrams of Meridians and Acupoints on Bronze Figure) which was published nationally. Two bronze figures, the normal size of man, were modeled for teaching and examination of acupuncture and moxibustion. Such an improvement promoted the unity in the location of acupoints and education of acupuncture and moxibustion.

In the Jin and Yuan Dynasties, there was further development in the theory of meridians, methods for selecting acupoints and needling techniques. Hua Boren, a celebrated doctor in the Yuan Dynasty, believed that the governor and conception vessels were as important as the twelve meridians. Therefore he called them four teen meridians and described meridians and acupoints according to the fourteen meridians in his book Shisijin Fahui (Elucidation of Fourteen Meridians). Such an arrangement was helpful for understanding and using the theory of meridians and acupoints in the later generations. Famous doctors like He Ruoyu and Dou Hanqing thought highly of midnight-noon ebb-flow method for selecting acupoints and described such away to use acupoints in their books~ and therefore enriching the content of time medicine. Dou Hanqing also developed the methods of needling by putting forward the methods of cold and heat reinforcing and reducing needling.

In the Ming Dynasty, acupuncture and moxibustion developed to its peak remarked by publication of many monographs on acupuncture and moxibustion, active academic discussion and further development of needling methods, meridian theory and therapeutic methods Yang Jizhou, a famous doctor then, compiled Zhenjiu Dacheng (Compendium of Acupuncture arid Moxibustion) by summarizing the experience of his own and many others'. Xu Feng described many needling methods in his book Zhenjiu Quan (A Comprehensive Collection of Acupuncture and Moxibustion) which further enriched the content of needling methods.

Books on acupuncture and moxibustion published in the Qing Dynasty lacked innovative development. In the middle of the Qing Dynasty the specialty of acupuncture and moxibustion was banned in the Imperial Hospital. However, folk practice was still extensive.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China and owing to the policy made by the government for developing traditional Chinese medicine, the academic studies of acupuncture and moxibustion have developed fast. The rapid development of acupuncture and moxibustion is marked by extensive application of acupuncture and moxibustion therapy, higher education, establishment of academic institutes, recompilation of ancient classics, publication of a great number of academic books and journals, thorough studies on the meridians, acupoints, needling and moxibusting methods and tenets of acupuncture and moxibustion therapy as well as development of various needling methods like acupuncture anesthesia and devices for performing acupuncture and moxibustion.

Acupuncture and moxibustion spread to the other century A.D., Zhenjiu Jiayijing ( A-B Classics on Acupuncture and Moxibustion ) was spread to Korea and Japan. In 552 A. D. the Chinese Government then presented a set of Zhenjing (Acupuncture Canon ) to Japanese Emperor. In the Tang Dynasty, Qianjin Fang (Golden Prescriptions) and Waitai Miyao were brought to Korea. Following the example of the Tang Dynasty, Japan also established acupuncture and moxibustion specialty and Korea appointed doctorate position for acupuncture. The textbooks used were Zhengjjing (Acupuncture Canon) and Zhengjiu Jiayijing ( A-B Classics on Acupuncture and Moxibustion ). In the 17th century, acupuncture and moxibustion was spread to Europe. Since 1950s, many countries have sent doctors to China to study acupuncture and moxibustion. Chinese government has sent acupuncture and moxibustion experts group abroad to offer clinical treatment. Since 1975, to meet file requirement of WHO, China has set up international training centers for acupuncture and moxibustion in Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing to train acupuncture and moxibustion doctors for a number of countries. Currently acupuncture and moxibustion therapy has been used in about 100 countries and regions. A number of international academic organizations have been set up. In 1987, Federation of World Acupuncture and Moxibustion Society were established in China and many international conferences have been held since then. The science of acupuncture and moxibustion has developed smoothly in the whole world.

Development of acupuncture and moxibustion prescription on the relationship between the main acupoints

Acupuncture prescription, that is, the use of clinical acupuncture point program, including force and with a single point at the point prescription. One point is the use of acupuncture treatment prescriptions disease, a disease for only one acupoints for acupuncture or moxibustion with a point program; with points is the use of acupuncture treatment prescriptions disease, a condition for matching a few acupoints combination with the points program. Indications of acupuncture prescription and acupoints are two different concepts. Indications are that acupoint acupoints effect, that a certain acupoints to treat certain diseases, or certain diseases can be treated with a certain acupoints. Ancient medical books, the indications of acupoints in two formats, a point or a few main points of a disease, that so-called "point system disease"; a certain disease, a hole or a few main points of. "Lord" means "attending the", although the disease in the former, the latter point, but with "Lord" should be clearly pointed out the indications of acupoints. Indications listed in the provisions of acupoints disease. Listed for various diseases, disorders can be no association between. Acupuncture is a disease in the former format prescribed acupoints in the post. Disease or a separate listed disease or disorder, or a composition of interrelated evidence Hou different symptoms, listed in the acupuncture acupoints have to point out the specific methods, such as superficial, deep acupuncture, moxibustion strong number, or fill or diarrhea and so on.

"The B", "dry gold to party" and "acupuncture-owned by Health" will be attending acupoints were classified according to different disease induction, these books set out the provisions of acupoint indications in the disease although it has also single, is not the acupuncture prescription but acupoints attending a special presentation, we call it the Lord acupoints to show the acupoints and acupuncture prescription and indications of the difference.Lord acupoints can be called a "hole Lord," "Lord of the hole," the name first appeared in the "dry gold to party" refers to the indications of acupoints and corresponding relationship between the disease, or dozens of points of a disease can be cured, or the number of patients Indications of a point. In this paper, the main acupoints acupuncture prescription and analysis of, and then discusses the development and prescription of acupuncture acupoints on the relationship between the Lord.

One. "The B" to collate and analyze Indications of Acupoints

"The B" is the oldest system of acupuncture works for Mi Jin essays, is a collection of "Q", "needle, and the" Ming Tang Acupuncture cavity to "compiled from the three books. The current spread of the "B by" The book is twelve volumes. Juan Qi second line to the volume of various acupoints Syndrome treatment.Generally believed that the "B by the" VII to the second volume of the articles mentioned in various acupoints Syndrome treatment is the prescription. We have made a special study of its determined that it is not acupuncture prescription, are indications of acupoints are summarized according to the indications of acupoints about the disease and syndrome classification carried out finishing.

Although the "B by" VII to the second volume in particular, recorded content from "out of the party hole Acupuncture to" the contents of most of the original non-acupuncture prescription, but many generations mistakenly viewed as a prescription of acupuncture and the "B by "A lot more than attending the provisions of the inclusion of a point, so that future generations with an objective point on the disclosure of the initial prescription.
"Qian Jin Yao Fang" in the "cavity Lord"

"Lord" is attending the meaning of "right" is the corresponding mean. "The main cavity of the" hole that is attending, referring to the corresponding acupoints attending relationship with the disease. We call it the main acupoints right. "Dry gold to side" Volume three decades: "Where the cloud cavity Lord who were in the hole, the symptoms in the next, there are dozens of points or a disease, or a total number of disease stay long temporary discretion, practice with it." " cavity Lord "is not a prescription of acupoint acupoints with the relationship between the primary and secondary. "Dry gold to side, thirty volumes listed in" The Lord cavities, "provisions, a large part of only one acupoint, the so-called" point total of the number of diseases, "such as" and the main air headache liao "," Court of the Lord God of Wind dizziness , good vomit full of trouble. " Does not exist between the corresponding primary and secondary acupoints, apparently is still attending the provisions of acupoints "to point system certificate" form of expression. As to the alleged "one disease, there are dozens of points" is actually a "B by the" in "to point check against" the continuation of the prescription points do not exist with the form of primary and secondary distribution points.

But "Qian Jin Yi Fang" Volume sixteen content is planted with "dry gold to party" thirty different volumes. "Qian Jin Yi Fang" Volume sixteen exception of a few attending several provisions in the acupoints. Most of the acupuncture prescription. The wording of the form: first words Syndrome, sub-statement of acupoints, and then detailing the specific acupoints thorn moxibustion methods. "Dry Gold Wing side," Volume II is divided into sixteen women all kinds of diseases, pediatric epilepsy shock, nasal, tongue disease, beriberi, etc. twenty-seven, each chapter's first title, "Law xx first," such as women Second Law Act forty-five following forty-five acupuncture prescription. The "dry side wings of gold" and "Qian Jin Yao Fang" two books were read, not difficult to find, "Qian Jin Yi Fang" Volume sixteen in the prescription of acupuncture is scattered in 75 "dry gold to side," Volume II nineteenth and than thirty volumes of the acupuncture prescription order.

According to statistics, the "dry side payments to" roll the provisions of the Lord thirty the number of cavities, six single article2